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About Us

        We are extremely delighted to welcome readers and authors on the occasion of the launch of publication company with the view of publish the review/ short communications and Research papers online open accessing and hard copy journals in 54 categories of fields of study in the form of National/International/Impact Factor/Elsevier Journals by KMR Publications. I express my gratitude to the actively working scientists, Editorial committee members for their sustained support to make the launch of this new publication company possible. This company is independently owned and run for the benefit of the worldwide research and academic community with the potential for becoming a significant legal periodical in different fields of research and academic. I would like to emphasize the keen interest for launching the free accessing online publication company as well our aspirations and vision for the future. Our vision & mission is –

v  To provide the place for communication among scientists for doing innovative research.

v  To promote high-quality research and intellectual output of scientists.

v  To release their research products to the entire globe.

      We believe that this company meets the real scientific community needs. The main goal of company is to serve as a forum for diverse viewpoints on research, major public health issues and policies.

      I would like to take this opportunity to thank you most sincerely for your ongoing interest and support for our Journals of all fields of education. Finally, it is a new initiative. I welcome any comments and suggestions to improve editorial policy, quality and content of our Publications. 

Meaning of Research 

Research is a search for something unknown, an intimate mixture of

· Reasoning

· Earnestness

· Skills

· Endurance

· Alertness

· Resourcefulness

· Curiosity

 · Hard work

One who truly embodies in himself / herself all these qualities is a true research scholar and all that he/she does to explore knowledge is research. It must inculcate the spirit of true research and explore every possible field which may be conductive to well being of humanity